Quick Tip for recording artists

In this age of artists being thrust into Do It Yourself territory in order to have their recorded output heard by the shrinking universe of applicable radio stations and record consumers here’s what may seem like a picayune tip but important nonetheless: when processing your mailing there is no need to overdo the envelope/package sealing process.  I recently received a package from an old friend who has a gig upcoming at Blues Alley.  The package contained the artist’s latest CD, a warm handwritten note, and their all important press kit.  However the package arrived damn near hermetically sealed?  There was so much tape on this package it became a true wrestling match just to reveal the contents!


In such cases you may have the unhappy circumstance of recipient frustration — frustration that may lead the recipient to rip open the package, potentially destroying your nice, neat press kit and cover letter — items that are surely crucial to the effectiveness of your pitch.  So be kind to your recipients, seal your package just enough to meet postal standards, do not seal your package so tightly that your intended recipient becomes frustrated bordering on anger at what you intended as a friendly, collegial gesture designed to garner some measure of support — whether that be airplay, gigs, review coverage or whatever the case may be.  Mind those packages!

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