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A Great Day in Pittsburgh

The legacy of the colored/black/African American (covering the different 20th century racial nomenclature) musicians’ union locals (separate from the “regular” musicians’ union locals by racial segregation) is a rich and vastly under-reported root source for much of the creative music … Continue reading

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Jazz axed from Boston’s airways

Last week came the disturbing news that yet another public radio station was about to give up the ghost on its jazz broadcasting responsibilities. WGBH, long a pillar of the Boston radio airways, axed longtime programmer Steve Schwartz program entirely … Continue reading

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The quest to reach new audiences

Last post we detailed the 8th annual DC Jazz Festival, and its admirable outreach efforts that resulted in their building a big tent across Washington that all told encompassed an incredible 21 neighborhoods. One of the key partner organizations in … Continue reading

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DC Jazz Festival swimming smoothly

In this pinched economic atmosphere, one which has been further constricted by a DC city administration that doesn’t appear as favorably disposed towards the event as in the past (unfortunately no Jazz on the Mall free extravaganza this year), the … Continue reading

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