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The Artist’s responsibility

The robust audience at the Arena stage at the Monterey Jazz Festival   Much has been written about the reportedly dwindling jazz audience recently, including several ‘oh jazz, ‘po jazz, woe is jazz…" red flag wavings and various gnashing of … Continue reading

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Is your artist website truly useful, or a waste of space?

My good friend and colleague Sara Donnelly (who many in the jazz community may remember as the former Sara Warner), has matriculated through the National Endowment for the Arts, worked at the late National Jazz Service Organization,  and later the Association of Performing … Continue reading

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The Tip: User friendly graphic design

Just how important is that often overlooked element of your self-produced (or company-produced for that matter) CD packaging referred to as the spine?  You know what I’m talking about: that information strip on either edge of your CD packaging that … Continue reading

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The Tip: To Label or Not to Label

Last Sunday a remarkable concert of new compositions was presented by DC-based drummer-percussionist Nasar Abadey as part of the in-motion Duke Ellington Jazz Festival (now through June 15; check  Nasar preceded his "Diamond in the Rough" suite, which displayed his first … Continue reading

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Quick Tip for recording artists

In this age of artists being thrust into Do It Yourself territory in order to have their recorded output heard by the shrinking universe of applicable radio stations and record consumers here’s what may seem like a picayune tip but … Continue reading

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