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Crate Digging with BILL MILKOWSKI

 A recent edition of DownBeat magazine detailed in part a new project to release Newport Jazz Festival performances online.  The project is being undertaken by a company called Wolfgang’s Vault, and they’ve had the good sense to engage longtime jazz … Continue reading

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Crate digging with EUGENE HOLLEY, JR.

 Writer Eugene Holley — Wilmington’s own — is one who’s always first-rate commentary I take personal pride in.  I’ve watched his development closely, ever since we worked together in developing the National Jazz Service Organization during the first stages of … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Freddie Hubbard

 The attitude pendulum towards creative artists most often swings most heavily — as it should — to the enormity of their gifts with the passage of time for those whose careers were marked by questionable behavior.  Our collective memory tends to soften towards … Continue reading

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