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50 Years Later: A Landmark recording session

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Randy Weston’s signature recording session Uhuru Afrika, certainly a good time to reflect on that singular record in this Randy’s 84th year on the planet.  And I’m happy to report that our as-told-to … Continue reading

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Ain’t But a Few of Us #13 (from the Bay Area)

Our series Ain’t But a Few of Us, black music writers telling their story continues with a voice from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I first met Eric Arnold in 2003 on a magical journalist junket to Morocco to cover the … Continue reading

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Crate Digging: The Jazz Record Store as Endangered Species

The demise of four-wall record stores has been painful to many of certain generations, myself included.  Leafing through the stacks — or crate digging as it’s popularly referred to these days — is the way many of us educated ourselves … Continue reading

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The Ancient Future radio program 2/18/10

The Ancient Future radio program, produced/hosted by Willard Jenkins, airs on WPFW 89.3 FM (listen live at, Pacifica Radio for the Washington, DC metro region. Artist    Tune    Album title    Label Adonis Rose    Lil’ Liza Jane    Untouchable    House Swing Louis … Continue reading

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The Be Mo Jazz Project

Baltimore has a significant jazz history.  Deep in Mid-Atlantic region jazz presenting lore is B’more’s historic Left Bank Jazz Society.  People in the Baltimore-Washington area still speak fondly of their now-legendary presentations, with their BYOB good-time atmosphere, coupled with the true … Continue reading

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