Attention Jazz Educators…

Greetings Band Directors,

As you may know, in January 2012 the Jazz Education Network launched a Mentor Program unique to the jazz field. This program, which is designed to provide one-on-one consultation between an experienced professional and a jazz student in the student’s desired field of pursuit, was developed as a means of giving students expert advice beyond the classroom from those who have years of practical experience in the field.

JEN has assembled a brilliant team of experienced professionals who have made themselves available for consultations in the areas of performance, education, music publishing, studio tech, composition, journalism, music production, conference production, and concert/festivals presenting. Our consultants have made themselves available to act as advisers, sounding boards, and Mentors for applicable students interested in those areas of professional pursuit. Our JEN Mentors are available to work in concert with your students and your program to assist those students who have shown an aptitude and interest in professional music industry development.

The JEN Mentor Program has an open-ended application process which is available at the JEN website – – by going to our Advancing Education icon on the site. We ask that you encourage your students who have shown a proclivity towards serious professional pursuit in the music industry to apply to this free program; their experience working with a JEN Mentor will prove quite successful in providing them with practical advice from first class professionals in the music industry. High School jazz educators are also encouraged to visit our site for our unique, discreet high school component. Thank you for your consideration and student referrals to the JEN Mentor Program.

Willard Jenkins
JEN Mentor Program
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