Jazz Eats 4 (Kitty Margolis)

Seems Bay Area-based vocalist-educator Kitty Margolis does a bit more than swing a lyric skillfully and hang out on her many travels...

For culinary hospitality nothing beats working in Italy, be it large festival or small club, The only problem is that they usually wine and dine the band before the gig that often starts at 11 pm. Not ideal for singers. Better to taste than really eat!

It has been a few years since I play at The Dakota in St. Paul/Minneapolis but I remember that they had exceptional sustainable gourmet regional cuisine and the band sits at a nice table in the dining room and orders from the regular menu and wine list, not a band menu.

Yoshi’s SF always has a killin’ backstage band buffet with Japanese delicacies, sushi and plenty of vegetarian/vegan options.

Some of the exclusive old school clubs in Japan put out top drawer sushi spread complete with bottle service, served in a dressing room that has walls covered with signatures of the jazz legends who have come through over the last 60 years.

Lets not forget the ever-growing house concert scene. These gigs can often be gourmet pot-luck extravaganzas, with everyone showing off their star dishes.



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