Pt. 8: What musicians expect from music critics & journalists

This is the space where a series of musicians have responded to the burning question:
When you read music journalism & criticism what qualities are you looking for in the writer and the writing?

TED NASH, saxophonist-composer

“It’s important that the writer/critic understands the music well enough to speak intelligently about it. I occasionally get some insight from hearing the writer’s perspective. Often the writer, as critic, is not objective enough. I use good reviews as a press opportunity. But I don’t often take the reviews too seriously, good or bad.”

JOHN SANTOS, percussionist-bandleader

“Honesty. Accuracy in terms of facts and grammar. No working out of personal demons. Love for the art form. Concise editing.”

MARCUS STRICKLAND, saxophonist-composer

“I look for honesty, relevance, decisiveness, eloquence, positivity and quotable content. Also I understand why some [musicians] choose not to read the writings, they don’t want an outside source affecting their creative decisions. Me, I’m too hard-headed to be swayed in my creativity so I love reading reviews and critiquing the critics – besides, I’m always my own worst critic. Basically, I shine light on reviews that help me sell my product and ignore the rest.”

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  2. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    When will you all realize that there is no such thing as “jass”. We cannot allow others to define who we are and what we do.
    critics never bother to meet with the artist that they ” interview” to find out what their philosophy and aesthetic might be.
    This is the most glaring problem.This should be done before the performances. Also as I said, what is the definition of
    the term ” jass” or ” be-bop” for that matter. Bird said…….Diz said…..Monk said….” It’s MODERN MUSIC, you dig !!!!
    Miles didn’t like the term “jass” neither did John Coltrane…….neither does Dr. Yusef Lateef and quite a few others that
    refuse to be labeled by an unknowing media. YOU must define who YOU are and what it is that YOU do !!!! otherwise don’t
    be surprised and pissed off when someone else writes about what they think you are and what you do. Wake -Up !!!
    It’s called ED-U- CATION…. KNOW YOUR STORY………..Peace and Unity…………the last poets said Jass is………

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