Pt. 8: What musicians expect from music critics & journalists

This is the space where a series of musicians have responded to the burning question:
When you read music journalism & criticism what qualities are you looking for in the writer and the writing?

TED NASH, saxophonist-composer

“It’s important that the writer/critic understands the music well enough to speak intelligently about it. I occasionally get some insight from hearing the writer’s perspective. Often the writer, as critic, is not objective enough. I use good reviews as a press opportunity. But I don’t often take the reviews too seriously, good or bad.”

JOHN SANTOS, percussionist-bandleader

“Honesty. Accuracy in terms of facts and grammar. No working out of personal demons. Love for the art form. Concise editing.”

MARCUS STRICKLAND, saxophonist-composer

“I look for honesty, relevance, decisiveness, eloquence, positivity and quotable content. Also I understand why some [musicians] choose not to read the writings, they don’t want an outside source affecting their creative decisions. Me, I’m too hard-headed to be swayed in my creativity so I love reading reviews and critiquing the critics – besides, I’m always my own worst critic. Basically, I shine light on reviews that help me sell my product and ignore the rest.”

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