Ancient/Future: January 22, 2008 Playlist

Ancient/ Future is a bi-monthly radio program hosted by Willard Jenkins on WPFW, Pacifica Radio for the Washington, DC metro area at 89.3 FM.  Ancient/Future playlists will be regularly posted at The Independent Ear.


                    MLK & Enter: The Age of Obama

Artist              Track                               Album                         Label

Max Roach    "The Dream/It’s Time"  Chatahoochie Red           Columbia                              

Denys Baptiste  "Free At Last"           Let Freedom Ring            Dune

Machito          "Kenya"                       Mambo in Jazz                Saludos Amigo

Nina Simone   "To Be Young Gifted and Black"   (ditto)              Legacy

Garry Dial & Terre Roche "Guinea"      Us An’Them                    Dial-Roche

(ditto)              "Brazil"                      (ditto)                            (ditto)

(ditto)              "Greenland"               (ditto)                            (ditto)

Randy Weston   "Ancient Future" w/Regina Carter  (concert recording)

Sonny Rollins     "Global Warming"      Global Warming              Milestone

Ask Your Mama "Twelve Moods for Jazz by Langston Hughes (concert recording)

Sonny Rollins     "Blossom"                   Road Shows                   Doxy

Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra  "I Will Not Stand Still"   Harriet Tubman  MSJQ

(ditto)               "Freedom Trail"          (ditto)                           (ditto)

(ditto)               "Asmanti Stomp"         (ditto)                           (ditto)


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