Woe is IAJE… the beat goes on

…Just got this response to our editorial rant WOE IS IAJE from a veteran jazz artist manager:


I began to have a strange feeling about IAJE over the last 10-15 years in discussions with people that I know in the business around the world.  IAJE wasn’t about what’s really happening in the music, in jazz education, or [in] giving service to jazz musicians anymore.  The IAJE was about those who could wheel and deal on the administrative level and who they could network with.


My oberservation was [IAJE] was about $$s coming into the exhibition halls, selling of tapes which musicians never received a dime for or any royalties; bit advertising in the program guide, courting big companies with big expense accounts for catered dinners, etc…  The IAJE was too far right for me…  [IAJE] never helped managers, producers, the booking/concert agents who are killing themselves to keep the music alive around the world…


What’s your take on all this?  Scroll down for the original WOE IS IAJE posting (and keep scrolling down past Woe is IAJE pt.2 which is the editor’s response to one particular cowardly jazz lion)…  And the beat goes on!

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