Woe is IAJE pt. 2

The comments that have accompanied my editorial rant of the other day on the sad and sorry state of IAJE include one from an abject COWARD who goes by the inocuous salutation of "A Concerned Jazz Fan."  This particular person, characteristic of a certain cowardice that runs far too rampant in these 21st century times, makes certain accusations against yours truly in a particularly specious attack on the work of both myself and my partner & spouse Suzan Jenkins (get your spelling right Coward Concerned Jazz Fan) — sans truthful attribution.  It’s so easy to make such vicious attacks under the cowardly cover of an anonymous post.


Questions were raised in Coward Concerned Jazz Fan’s otherwise intelligent post relative to what I’ve done on behalf of IAJE over the years.  Please allow me to set the record straight: I have served in a volunteer capacity as a panelist, moderator, research paper speaker, technical assistance workshop leader (Ask The Experts sessions, etc.), and conference planning consultant, and gratis contributor to IAJE’s Jazz Education Journal for nearly 25 years.  I’ve written web content for IAJE and have written scripts for the NEA Jazz Masters conference video presentations.  Additionally I have hosted and produced television programming at the IAJE conference.


I have been an IAJE member for 25 years.  As a contributor to IAJE and participant in the IAJE conference my record has few peers and I stand on my record accordingly.  I don’t happen to live in a glass house, so I wrote that editorial rant with a completely clear conscience.  I wonder if the Coward Concerned Jazz Fan can say likewise — particularly given his/her cowardly absence of ownership for those posted comments.  Its easy to bitch & moan under the cover of anonymity.


Willard Jenkins

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  1. darryl bey says:

    I am appalled and aghast to learn of the possible demise of the long time IAJE. If it is not too late, something must be done to keep this great organization alive and a new direction must be set to secure its future! Where else do we have to look to find the future of Jazz but in our students?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Umm . . . in our listeners?

  3. Dear Willard,

    Well, here is my name, so I am no coward. I am a person though, a single mother, a good jazz singer with a good promo, a record voted “Top Vocal CD’s of 2002″ in JEJ, and someone with a solid show at one time who should not have been relegated to the [for]”get to it” pile because I was down South, or for whatever reason. Flamingo is a solid effort, and I should have been encouraged instead of treated meanly by practically everybody who thought they were somebody at the IAJE (who didn’t listen in the first place). I am a talent who believes that it was an organization that became a popularity clique. The only help I ever got was the rich and timeless friendship of Dr. Herb Wong. It has been funny that not one name has been brought up about the forefathers, like him, especially in his time of blindness. I am glad for an empty space, where something can grow that didn’t have a chance before.

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