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Q&A with flute explorer NICOLE MITCHELL

Flute specialists in jazz have been few and far between.  And where once the instrument was the double of choice of saxophonists seeking to augment their music with a different instrumental texture, even that aspect has been eclipsed by the … Continue reading

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Woe is IAJE pt. 2

The comments that have accompanied my editorial rant of the other day on the sad and sorry state of IAJE include one from an abject COWARD who goes by the inocuous salutation of "A Concerned Jazz Fan."  This particular person, … Continue reading

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A Home for Creative Music in DC

Several years ago a group of intrepid music lovers in our nation’s capital, armed with expansive tastes that included healthy ears for improvised original music on the edgier side, developed a collective they dubbed Transparent Productions.  Two of the principles in … Continue reading

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Woe is IAJE

Regular readers may recall the Independent Ear Blog post overview of the 2008 IAJE conference in Toronto last January.  Sadly that may have been the last IAJE conference for the foreseeable future.  What so many of us thought was a … Continue reading

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