Open Sky should be your first stop when seeking creative consultation for your project or career. We know the art form and all of its trends, nuances, and activities. Check out what we’ve done for other Open Sky clients and you’ll see that we have our finger squarely on the pulse of jazz. Open Sky can:

  • enhance your current programming activities
  • develop that new series you’re looking to add
  • grow your festival, develop your audience
  • develop a multi faceted marketing campaign
  • conduct market research
  • write that script, and…
  • provide expert consultation on a variety of presenting issues and activities

Open Sky knows the jazz art form and all of its professional contacts, trends, issues, nuances, opportunities, and activities. Open Sky is knowledgeable of the music business and of the music industry at large. We can help you tackle your B2B (business to business) challenges, grow that new series or festival you’re seeking to develop or assist in increasing your audience development success. We can craft that creative and effective broadcast script, and provide expert consultation on a variety of presenting, organizational development (including board and staff), and individual artist issues and concerns.

We can assist in developing strategic and long-range plans; with concert and event production; marketing evaluation and consultation; and artistic direction to include composer commissioning. We can also assist with staff development and training. Open sky can also provide corporate consultation on jazz and other music related initiatives including events and engagement of jazz music in corporate marketing and other activities.

Make Open Sky your first destination when seeking organizational development or artistic direction for your festival, concert series, club, conference, special event, or other related elements. We can provide content and context for workshops, conferences and panel discussions and facilitate moderation and implementation of panels. We can also provide expert counsel with regard to artistic direction for festivals, concerts, performance and presenting series and recommend appropriate related humanities component(s).