Ancient/Future Radio playlist for 11/27/13

Ancient/Future Radio is heard Wednesday evenings 10-midnight on WPFW 89.3FM in the Washington, DC metro area; streaming live and archived for two weeks at

Kevin Mahogany, In the Evening (opening theme)
Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch, Give Thanks, Daughters of the Nile, Ki
Stanley Cowell, Thank You My People, Regeneration, Strata East
Roy Haynes, Thank You Thank You, (same), Galaxy
Eddie Jefferson, Thank You, Things Are Getting Better, Muse
Global Noize, Thank You, Sly Reimagined, Zoho
Larry Willis, Thank You Lord, Sanctuary, Mapleshade
Alphonze Mouzon, Thank You Lord, The Essence of Mystery, Blue Note
Joe Lovano, Thanksgiving, Landmarks, Blue Note
Leron Thomas, Fool’s Paradise, Whatever
Kristine Key, Takes My Breath Away, Nice As Can Be
Steve Gadd, the Windup, Gadditude, BFM
Sons of Kemet, Going Home, Burn, Naim
Outer Bridge Ensemble, New Beginning, Determined, Outer Bridge
Sons of Kemet, The Itis, Burn, Naim
Kenny Burrell, Sunset and the Mockingbird, Special Request, HighNote
Joey DeFrancesco, Budo, One for Rudy, HighNote
Sons of Kemet, All Will Surely Burn, Burn, Naim


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